A fantastic cell phone will take the place of your own camera, keep you informed and entertained on the move and give you enough battery whenever you get home. 

How much do I need to invest in a cell phone?

You can spend anything from about $20 to over $1270 on a smartphone. Working out what attributes are most significant is among the main decisions which will ascertain how much you should look at invest. 

Premium phones. 

If you desire a superior top-of-the range model from the likes of Apple, Samsung or Huawei, anticipate a score of least $885 on your bank account. Phones within this range arrive with big screens, high quality builds, and all the most recent features – like facial recognition, fast charging, wireless waterproofing, and charging. 

A key advantage of superior phones frequently lies with the camera. With lots of models today featuring lenses – like telephoto and ultra wide, you may take some seriously impressive pictures with these high-end models. 

Middle range phones.

If smartphone photography is not a priority and you may live without the very latest designs, a measure down to the middle range marketplace can save you a package. You may still find competent phones here with good screens, battery life, plus a nice range of features – actually, some outscore far more costly models in our tests. Expect to pay between $255 and $510 on a fantastic mid-range cellular phone. 

Budget phones. 

Shopping in the cheaper end of the cell phone market is hard – there are a variety of duds in the sub $255 price tag which is best to prevent, but fortunately, some decent models too. You can anticipate construction and basic designs within this range of prices, but battery life may still be very good and we have seen some cameras too. 


Eventually, there is no guarantee at all given price tag – we have found a Best Buys that cost around $380 and handsets that flatter to deceive read lots of reviews before you purchase to prevent disappointment. But it is not simple to find a model that may succeed on all counts. With costs increasing and more than ever before to select from, it is important to invest your money wisely on the phone which will last. 


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